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Salton Sea has set up this wonderful new subscription option for fans, and fans who don't even know they are fans yet, to have access to some top secret musical goodies, as well as to be able to interact directly with Salton Sea and see what's going on in the studio as things occur. You get instant access to everything the band uploads, exclusive tracks, demos and sketches INSTANTLY!! Who knows what other fun items will present themselves here in Salton Sea subscription land.

That said, for just under $1.30 a month you can have access to and download all Salton Sea's past releases, new releases, subscription-only exclusives and more. Not too bad a price for what you get, huh? I should also mention that by subscribing you can rest easy knowing that you are helping support the artist directly and not some middle man, which means the money the artist gets can be used to create even more music and goodies to return back to you, the fans, supporters and friends.

What you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Salton Sea
Richmond, Virginia
Salton Sea is the solo project of a guy named Mark. He is a songwriter/producer working out of his small cave of a home studio, creating indie songs (whatever those are) during the night while the world around him sleeps.

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